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Online Indian dating market is growing every time to time and so is Easy Dating. Ten thousands of Indian adults are joining the Online Dating every day, all of them looking for all Dating of fun from online Indian date, chat to real hookups and no strings attached encounters.

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Professional singles dating site in India


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Mahesh Murthy
Mahesh Murthy, Have funded 50 or so startups in India and mentored about twice as many here ...
Facebook, with over 40m members is now the primary source for dates among non-dating sites, followed by Orkut, LinkedIn and WAYN. I mention these because I believe their use for dating in India is far larger than the usage of dating- and realtionship-specific sites I will mention next.

Among focused sites, there are widespread reports of regular matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com etc being used by serial  / parallel daters who have little inclination to marry.

Specifically as a non-matrimonial, dating business, probably Fropper is the one with the best traction - though it is a small site, relatively.
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Ignighter is a group dating site that is doing fairly well in India. The site actually began as an American group dating site with no focus on India. But much to Ignighter's surprise, Indians in large numbers began joining because being out alone with a random member of the opposite sex is much less accepted in India then in the West. http://www.ignighter.com/ and read http://www.nytimes.com/2011/02/2... for more background.

Otherwise there really are no popular dating sites in India. Only the matrimonial sites do well. Fropper.com (sister company of Shaadi.com) was the best known dating site but even they pivoted to being a general social networking site due to lack of traction.
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Dating in India – Make your dream date something special

Amusement is the need of the hour for busy bee technocrats and entrepreneurs. Life is so fast and up going that one needs to enjoy it. Indians are too joining the global scenario of flirt & dating. Find Local Indian Singles that offer immense pleasures but also dates that could last a lifetime or perhaps over a glass of wine for a few hours. So what else would be more exciting than an encounter with a stranger online at any time of the day from anywhere just at the click of a button.

Just chill-ax, though it’s an adult dating site exploring it seems to be like a child’s play. Local Indian singles are available in different parts of the country at this one of the Best Dating Sites in India so that they can give pleasure both online as well as offline in your place of convenience and comfort.

Online adult dating market is growing every day and so is Easy Affair. Thousands of adults are joining the service every day, all of them looking for all sorts of fun from flirty online chat to real hookups and no strings attached encounters.

After a long day’s work, people who have their families, have the luck of going back and relaxing their tensions out to them. But those who are alone miss out on the companionship. This is where Indian Dating Sites play the role of a companion.” A friend in need is a friend indeed” and indeed, they help companion seekers to find their mate. This is a site where people register themselves online. They feed in details about themselves, so that seekers can grasp a gist about the members. This is how they share

These sites are free of cost. This allows people the freedom of exploring this site unlimitedly. These Free Indian Dating Sites are the largest service providers worldwide. They network globally and connect different countries on a single platform. This helps the members to explore their interests across the globe. Sometimes, it is difficult to fulfill one’s desires of finding the right partner. But these sites have made it easier for the people to meet a varied range of people.

The members belonging to these sites, come from different backgrounds, age groups, castes, communities, “gothras”, etc. This is especially meant for families who are orthodox and caste-centric in nature. One can be rest-assured about the confidentiality about these sites, as every single information of the members can be e-locked. The information that the members share with other member whom they have found eligible, is completely secured and will known only to them and no other existing members.

Indian Dating had never become this easy. But now, with the advancement of technology, various opportunities have opened the “e-doors” to one’s wishes and desires. Now we need not wait for wishes to come true, as now, wishes are waiting for us to become true!

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