What are the biggest online dating sites in Turkey?
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Casual dating websites
(Siberalem and Magnet network are the biggest Turkish dating websites, posibilly collecting 50% of total revenues.)
  • siberalem.com - Turkey's first dating site since 2000. They are like match.com - big & old fashioned. The company is owned by EBI. They also operates the biggest book selling website, idefix.com in Turkey.
  • Magnet local dating network - They entered the market in 2006 and caught siberalem.com in 2 years.They run 15 city based dating sites including istanbul.net, ankara.net, izmir.net. Its founder, Ersan Ozer, one of the leading first generation Turkish internet entrepreneurs.
  • gayet.net - Founded by Metin Solmaz who is the co-founder of siberalem.com in a partnership with Dogan Online that is owned by the biggest media company, Dogan Yayin Holding in Turkey. After the project failed, Mr. Solmaz sold his shares to Dogan Online.

Matchmaking websites
Other Answers
Kerem Caliskan
Kerem Caliskan, Turkish, a mixture of tatar, bosnian.

Check Waplog. Waplog is a mobile matchmaking project with more than 30 million users worldwide.

Ankara based Waplog started as a wap based matchmaking site which led them penetrate markets with lower smart phone existence in different countries. As far as the founders told me they have more than 500K active users in Turkey.

Mary Lorant
Mary Lorant, 10+ of experience for Dating Advising

For Local Dating, I recommend My Circle . You can see and publish personal postings, announcements, in your neighborhood. So you can find dating from your neighborhood Also It is totally free and users are anonymous.

Android: My Circle-Craigslist Local - Android Apps on Google Play  

Apple : My Circle - The Simplest Local Anonymous Postings, Classifieds on the App Store 

I recommend penpaland.com made by Turkish developers.

Penpaland is the free social networking site for online correspondence, cultural exchange,learning foreign languages,sharing photos,files and videos.

Language exchange based website ,on penpaland you can learn/teach language and make friends from travel destinations.

Another feature is "Penpaland Answers" You can ask public questions and wait for best answers.

You can fill your profile hobbies,intrests,language that you speak and which you want to learn ,

if you have travel plan there is profile travel destination field and you can search people by language or country.

It's totally free website, you wont be charged for any services on site.

Penpaland has a messaging system and private chat so you can speak with people easily.

There's users from everywhere to meet.

Cem Sertoglu
Cem Sertoglu, Founding Partner of a $150m VC fund and internet entrepreneur in Istanbul
Yonja.com, while not a classical dating site, is a free social network with casual dating features
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